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Brett Woodburn has substantial commercial and residential real estate experience that includes negotiating and drafting agreements of sale, deeds, real estate contracts, commercial leases, business development strategies and more!

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Over the years, Brett Woodburn has come to appreciate and understand the emotions that drive homeowners, the connections that families feel to their land, and the economic goals that businessmen and developers want to realize.

Practice Areas

Woodburn Law has the expertise to direct you in business acquisitions and sales, business formation & entity selection, business dissolutions and liquidations, growth, acquisitions and restructuring, mergers & divestitures, employment law, and other corporate legal issues.

Our experienced attorneys will assist you in obtaining and retaining your professional license.

We routinely represent real estate agents & appraisers, nurses & pharmacists, and other professionals facing professional license revocation or suspension hearings before the Pennsylvania professional and occupational licensing boards and commissions.

Real Estate Law is a diverse practice area that impacts virtually everyone at some point in their life. Woodburn law is experienced in representing both buyers and sellers in all types of real estate transactions – both residential and commercial clients.

Our attorneys get to know each individual client in order to offer the best counsel to meet each client’s needs. Whether buying, selling or leasing property, Woodburn law has the expertise to represent you.

Ensuring a clean property title is critical in protecting your real estate investment - the purchase of a home or commercial property. Woodburn Law charges only the PA state approved title insurance rates – the same as an title agent in PA.

At Woodburn Law, we not only secure your property title, but have the expertise to advise you when title issues arise. We are proud to partner with ResCom Closings LLC to offer title insurance.

About Brett Woodburn

Over the past 20 years, Brett has developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding of real estate contracts, commercial leases, deeds, and plans. To compliment his residential client base, Brett has developed a strong commercial real estate practice that includes representing companies, investors and diverse business ventures in negotiating and drafting agreements of sale, commercial leases, and business development strategies.


Extensive experience with negotiating commercial and residential agreements of sale and leases.


Able to identify potential pitfalls for his clients and help them develop positive solutions for issues before they become major problems.


His in-depth knowledge and understanding of the issues unique to real estate disputes has prepared him to better understand the motives driving his clients so that he can better advocate for them.