Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Real estate law is a very diverse practice area that touches, directly or indirectly, on many different areas of law. More importantly, it affects virtually every person in Pennsylvania at some point in their lives.

At Woodburn Law

We have spent many years learning different aspects of real estate law so that we are best able to help our clients.

Attorney Brett Woodburn has spent his career as a lawyer learning the different components that are essential in structuring a successful real estate transaction. Brett spent more than 15 years as associate counsel to the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS®, during which time he developed an extensive understanding of the standard forms published and used by REALTORS® across the Commonwealth. By developing this depth of knowledge, Brett is:

  • Well-positioned to represent either buyers or sellers in real estate transactions
  • Comfortable helping consumers understand and negotiate their agency contracts with the real estate brokers
  • Recognizes the importance of drafting an agreement of sale that protects his clients’ interests, but not in a way that is so one-sided as to jeopardize the success of the deal
  • Skilled reviewing title reports, recognizing potential areas of concern and is able to develop a plan to efficiently resolve any problems, with more than 15 years as a title agent.

Brett has also developed a strong commercial real estate practice. He regularly negotiates:

  • Retail leases
  • Commercial office space leases
  • Purchases and sales of office buildings
  • Shopping plazas and hotels and motels

Over the years, he has developed an understanding of what types of tolerances commercial landlords and tenant, buyers and sellers may have in a transaction; and this understanding provides him with the acumen to advise clients on:

  • What terms and conditions are worth negotiating
  • What areas are likely to yield limited results
  • What provisions are imposing obligations or duties that could be detrimental to his clients

More than just negotiating agreements of sale and leases, Brett takes time to get to know his clients so that he can better understand their long-term goals. This allows him to be better positioned to provide counsel – advice on what might be helpful or harmful to attaining the client’s needs.

Real Estate Counseling

For more than 20 years, Brett Woodburn has represented real estate brokers and agents, teams and Associations. He has a very thorough understanding of the laws, regulations and ethical obligations with which REALTORS® must comply. Brett currently provides counsel to several local associations of REALTORS® and at least one multiple list service. His in-depth understanding of issues that are unique to real estate professionals allows him to counsel agents, teams, brokers and associations as they strive to satisfy and serve their own clients. Brett has developed strong and diverse relationships with real estate professionals across Pennsylvania, and helped him develop a very broad-based view of practices, problems and solutions that work (and some that don’t work) depending on the region in which his clients practice.

Real Estate Court Cases

Throughout the years, Brett has represented corporate clients that want to challenge the real estate and school tax assessments imposed on their properties. Sometimes this involves filing appeals to the tax assessments set by counties, in some instances, it means requesting exempt status because the property is dedicated to charitable purposes.

Part of being a real estate lawyer sometimes requires going into court. Attorney Woodburn has been involved with cases that range from failures to disclose defective or dangerous conditions affecting a property, boundary disputes, breaches of contracts (both leases and agreements of sale), and violations of the Fair Housing laws and other laws protecting individual rights to have access to housing and businesses.

In Conclusion

Woodburn Law has a wealth of experience in matters involving real estate. As an attorney, Brett Woodburn has spent his entire career learning the different aspects and faces of real estate law.

If you have questions about real estate and want to learn what your rights are, call Woodburn Law today.

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