Our Firm

The history of Woodburn Law is also a history of my progression and evolution as a lawyer.

Throughout my career, I have worked as a judicial law clerk in a small town, worked in a well-respected small to mid-sized law firm in Harrisburg, and then spent time as an attorney working as part of a larger, Pittsburgh-based firm. My path has been diverse and exciting, challenging and demanding. My journey has now led me to be a solo practitioner.

What is Woodburn Law?

Woodburn Law is both the culmination and the newest beginning of a legal career that began in 1997 when I clerked for the Honorable John M. Cleland in Smethport, Pennsylvania. I was fortunate to work for Judge Cleland; he taught me the practical application of the theories that were lectured in law school. He mentored me in learning and re-learning how to write in a way that is both analytical and persuasive. I watched Judge Cleland as he worked hard to balance the rigorous demands to which judges are expected to adhere, with compassion and understanding that is an essential characteristic for a small town judge to develop. It was a very difficult row to hoe but one that he managed adroitly.

Law Firm Experience

I moved from Smethport to Harrisburg in June 1999 to begin my career at Caldwell & Kearns. I spent nearly 17 years working with some excellent and very well-respected attorneys. While at Caldwell & Kearns, I built upon the foundation that was laid, developing a strong work ethic and immersing myself in learning how to be a ‘lawyer’. I was fortunate to work with partners and co-workers who supported my career choices as I became active in the state and local bar associations, established myself as a teacher and educator for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, as well as other organizations that provide continuing education to real estate professionals, and dedicated myself to becoming a respected attorney in the real estate community.

After nearly two decades at Caldwell & Kearns, my career led me in a new direction as I joined Tucker Arensberg, a Pittsburgh-based law firm with a well-established office located in Cumberland County. It was a big change going from a firm of 10-12 lawyers to being part of a firm with more than 85 lawyers. I had the opportunity to work with a new group of lawyers, with very different practices and experiences from that which I had known up to that point in my career. The resources and expectations that prevailed at Tucker Arensberg were very different and presented new challenges and new opportunities for growth. Once again, I was fortunate to work with some very skilled lawyers who challenged me, supported me and helped me become a more well-rounded attorney.


Ultimately, my path led me to where I am today. I am now a solo practitioner and an owner of a title agency, Key Closings. For the past twenty years, I have worked hard to learn what it means to be a lawyer, to learn real estate and real estate broker law, to understand the nuances and challenges of title work, professional licensing, and different aspects of business law. I am prepared to practice law within a completely different business model. I am learning new and different ways to serve my clients, both existing and new. I am prepared to help people in ways that were previously not available to me.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Woodburn Law. I look forward to meeting you.