Title Insurance

Title Insurance

ResCom Closings, LLC

Clean title to property is critical in all real estate transactions. Title insurance protects some of the largest lifetime investments – the purchase of a home or commercial property.

Attorney Brett Woodburn has been a licensed title agent since 2005, and he recently earned the Certified Land Title Professional designation from the Pennsylvania Land Title Association. Brett has experience working with both residential and commercial transactions. He is one of the principals in ResCom Closings, LLC, a licensed title agency. Brett will have ResCom Closings order a title search for your property to see if there are any liens or claims that could affect your ownership rights. Most importantly, he will work to clear any ‘clouds’ on title or claims that could affect your ownership before closing. Sometimes, though, the unexpected happens and a claim is made against your property. To help protect against those unforeseen instances, Attorney Woodburn will issue a title insurance policy to you through ResCom Closings to help protect you and your property rights.

Attorney Brett Woodburn will work closely with you to help make the entire real estate transaction goes smoothly.

Buying a Home or Commercial Property?

Buyers, you need to ensure that the seller is the true owner of the property and that no outstanding title issues carry over to you. Title issues may restrict your use of the property, your ability to sell the property, and can result in significant financial loss to you.

Attorney Brett Woodburn will give you peace of mind in purchasing your property. Through his title agency, ResCom Closings, he will complete a comprehensive title search, assist with clearing all known title concerns and issue a title insurance policy from one of the top-rated title insurance companies to protect your property against title claims while you own the property.

How much does title insurance cost?

We only charge the PA state approved title insurance rates. Our title searches are included in the cost of the policy and we do not add any attorney’s fees for handling your closing. Attorney Woodburn has more than 20 years experience as a real estate lawyer, has been a licensed title agent for 15 years, and earned the designation as a Certified Land Title Professional. Why choose a less experienced title agent when you can hire an experienced attorney-run title agency to handle your closing for the same price?

Realtors® and Lenders

Woodburn Law and ResCom Closings, LLC are partners you can trust with your real estate transactions. We follow the ALTA Best Practices and have the experience necessary to meet or exceed lender required compliance and security requirements. We are committed to maintaining communication and meeting time commitments to ensure a smooth real estate closing process for our Realtor® partners.

Woodburn Law and ResCom Closings, LLC Benefits:

  • Full Service on all Transactions
  • Exceptional Communication
  • Timely and Accurate Title Commitments
  • Knowledgeable and Professional
  • Secure Online Process available 24 hours a day

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