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Woodburn Law has the expertise to advise your business in several aspects of corporate law.

Business Acquisitions and Sales

Woodburn Law has years of experience representing both buyers and sellers with the complexity of acquiring, selling or merging a business.

If you are looking to either buy a company, sell a company, or merge your company with another company in Pennsylvania, it is smart to seek the legal advice of an experienced business mergers, acquisitions and sales attorney. The proper legal representation protects your interests throughout this complex transaction process.

We represent clients through all stages of the transaction.

  • From pre-acquisition or sale planning

  • To negotiating letters of intent and to acquisitions, sale and merger agreements

  • To closing the transaction

  • To post closing issues

Woodburn Law advises clients on many types of transactions:

  • Structuring businesses for sale

  • Asset and stock purchase/sale

  • Refinancing

  • Joint Venture Creation

  • Subsidiary creation

  • Controlling interest sales for corporations, LLCs, and partnerships

  • Employee ownership interests

Business Formation & Entity Selection

Set your business up for success. Select the best business entity.

Creating the right structure for your expanding or start-up business is an important step in the success of your business venture. Woodburn Law has the experience to recommend a business structure to fit your business goals. We work with you, your accountant, and business partners to determine the best structure for your business.

Our business lawyers have in-depth knowledge to understand the risk and opportunities associated with the individual business entities.

  • Sole Proprietorships

  • General Partnerships (GP)

  • Limited Partnerships (LP) – agreements to dissolution

  • Corporations – C Corp & S Corp – select the right tax structure

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC) – limit personal liability

Our law team will answer your questions.

  • Should your business be a corporation, a partnership, or a sole proprietorship?

  • What business entity provides the best legal, tax, and liability standpoint?

  • How do I properly maintain the business entity?

  • What is the difference between an S corporation and a C corporation?

  • How can I protect my personal assets from liability?

Once your decision is made, trust Woodburn Law to prepare and submit the appropriate documents to the state necessary for your business to function effectively and efficiently.

Additional practice areas:

  • Business Dissolution & Liquidations

  • Growth & Acquisitions Restructuring

  • Business Strategy

  • Employment Law – employee handbooks, discrimination claims, terminations & severance, noncompete agreements, and more

  • Corporate Legal Issues

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